Festivals for ¨Corner Office ¨ 2022

Tribeca Film Festival 2022 Official Selection 

Raindance Film Festival  2022 Official Selection 

Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2022 Official Selection 

St Louis International Film Festival  2022 Official Selection 

Whistler Film Festival  2022 Official Selection 

Santa Barbara International Filmfestival 2023 Official Selection

Awards for “The New Tenants” 2009-2011

Academy Award 2010 – Winner Best Live Action Short Film

Mexico International Film Festival – Winner Best Short Film

Chicago International Film Festival – Official Selection

Tribeca Film Festival - Official Selection

Munich Film Festival – Official Selection

Sydney Film Festival – Official Selection

Woodstock Film Festival – Official Selection

Phoenix Film Festival – Official Selection

Vail Film Festival – Official Selection

Florida Film Festival – Official Selection

LA Reel Film Festival – Official Selection

Advertising Awards 1999-2018

ADDY, Gold

ADDY, Gold, Health & Beauty

ADDY, Gold, Campaign

AICP Best Sound, Captain Morgan

ANDY International Awards, Silver

APA 50, Audi “The Swan”

Bessies Craft Awards, TAXI’s Pfizer Canada’s Viagra, Best of Show

Bessies Craft Awards, “Office” & “Golf” Pfizer’s “Bleep” Campaign

Bessies Craft Awards, Best Direction & Best Cinematography

British Arrows Craft Awards, Audi “The Swan”, Winner, Model Making

Cannes Lions, Land Rover “7th Wheel” shortlisted Cars

Cannes Lions, Audi "The Swan" shortlisted, Direction

Cannes Lions, Audi "The Swan" shortlisted Art Direction

Cannes Lions, Audi "The Swan" shortlisted Cinematography

Cannes Lions, Stella Artois "Le President" shortlisted Art Direction

Cannes Lions, Ikea “Sunny Beach”, Bronze

Cannes Lions, Volvo, Shortlist

Cannes Lions, Charal “Too Late”, Bronze

Cannes Lions, Viagra “Golf”, Gold

Cannes Lions, Bud Light “Carpet”, Shortlist

Cannes Lions, MTV, “The Mouth”, Shortlist

Cinematheque Jean Marie Boursicot

CLIO Awards, Renault, Bronze

CLIO Awards, Chivas “Big Bear” Silver, Cinematography

CLIO Awards, Chivas “Twinkle” shortlist, Cinematography

CLIO Awards, Pfizer “Bleep” Campaign, Gold, Campaign

CLIO Awards, “Office” Viagra, Gold, Single

CLIO Awards, “Golf” Viagra, Gold, Single

D&AD/50, Chivas “Big Bear”, Winner, Cinematography

Die Klappe Award, Bronze

Epica, Ikea, Gold

Epica, Volvo, Silver

Epica, Bronze

Epica, Bronze

Epica, Gold “Astronaut – Orbit White Tabs”

Epica, Bronze

Eurobest, Ikea “Sunny Beach” Shortlist

Eurobest, Ikea “Sunny Beach”, Bronze

Eurobest, Bronze, Campaign “Tetra Pak”

German Art Directors Club, Silver

German Art Directors Club, Bronze

German Art Directors Club, Silver, Campaign

German Art Directors Club, Bronze, Campaign

Gunn Report: #7 Most Rewarded in the World

Hugo Awards, Miracle Whip, Best Commercial Campaign, Gold

LEAF Lisbon Advertising Festival, Shortlist

Moscow International Festival of Advertising, Third Prize

Shark Awards Advertising Festival, Gold

Shots Contender, 2012 APA Collection

Shots Contender, Audi "The Swan"

Shots Contender, Land Rover "7th Wheel"

Shots Contender, Miracle Whip "Witch Hunt"

Shots Contender, Stella Cidre "Le President"

Spotlight Film Festival "Popular Taste Award"

The One Show, Silver

The One Show, Gold

The One Show, Merit

The One Show, Gold